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Wicker Man Eddie

— Colossal Menace — HFP Quest Two Hand• explore the furthest reaches of the Maiden universe brought to life in visually stunning enviroments.

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— H UB — The Black Stalker• — The Soul Devices — Auchindon Quest Hands• — Arena Season 1 Reward• — Measuring Warp Energies — Netherstorm Quest Neck• Buff: Increase Magic for 2 turns• — SLabs — Blackheart the Inciter• — Kurenai — Revered Ally• — Shutting Down Manaforge Ara — NS Quest• In the video below, the character Child Of The Damned strikes back with the blizzard shield.

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— H UB — The Black Stalker• — SH — Talon King Ikiss• — Turning Point — Netherstorm Quest Scryers• In addition, the app has a content rating of Teen, from which you can decide if it is suitable to install for family, kids, or adult users.

IRON MAIDEN's Legacy Of The Beast

— Leatherworking BoP — Requires Elemental LW• — Levixus the Soul Caller — Auchindoun Quest Boots• — H AC — Avatar of the Martyred• — Special Delivery to Shattrath City — Shattrath City Q• The Magic Burn effect deals magic damage over time• com along with information on how Fan Club members can participate in the draw to be First To The Barrier.

Legacy of the Beast

— Cenarion Expedition — Exalted• — H Ramps — Omor the Unscarred• — H SV — Warlord Kalithresh• We will, of course, be bringing the full production with us including all the Eddies and the Maya-themed stage sets.

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Iron Maiden Game

— BoE World Drop Shoulder• — Bot — High Botanist Freywinn• The Magic Burn effect deals magic damage over time• — Lost in Action — UB Quest• If you follow the above steps correctly, you should have the Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast ready to run on your Windows PC or MAC.


— H MT — Yor Summoned Boss• Reduce Fury of enemy team• — SH — Warchief Kargath Bladefist• — Arc — Dalliah the Doomsayer• — Arena Season 1 Reward• — N OHF — Lieutenant Drake Back• — H Ramps — Omor the Unscarred• — BM — Chrono Lord Deja• — H Ramps — Vazrudan the Herald• — Arena Season 1 Reward• — H SP — Quagmirran• — BoP Leatherworking — Requires Elemental LW• — H AC — Shirrak the Dead Watcher• — Gurok the Usurper — Nagrand Quest• — H AC — Exarch Maladaar• The Consumes effect deals true damage and removes the effect• — SH — Talon King Ikiss• — H SH — Talon King Ikiss• — Showdown — BEM Quest• These Souls have a chance of dropping a T1, T2 OR T3 Purple Cosmic Talisman, and will also provide 100 Epic Evolution Talisman Soul Fragments.

IRON MAIDEN's Legacy Of The Beast

— Whelps of the Wyrmcult — BEM Quest• Stay tuned for more details! — Arena Season 1 Reward• — Cenarion Expedition — Exalted• Reduces Damage Taken for 1 Turn• — Bot — Commander Sarannis• — Down With Daellis — Netherstorm Quest• 1 or newer - Minimum screen resolution: 800x480 - Recommended: Android device manufactured in 2014 or newer - Requires online connection to play Why is Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast free to play? — Enraged Spirits of Air — SMV Quest Legs• — SLabs — Blackheart the Inciter• — Terokk — Skettis Summoned Boss• — Everything Will Be Alright — AC Quest Bracer• — H Ramps — Omor the Unscarred• — N OHF — Lieutenant Drake• — N MT — Nexus-Prince Shaffar• Below you will find how to install and run Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast on PC:• — News of Victory — SMV Ques• — Leatherworking BoP — Requires Elemental LW• — Dealing with the Overmaster — Netherstorm Quest• — Leatherworking BoP — Tribal Leatherworking• — H OHF — Captain Skarloc• — Bring me The Egg! — Leatherworking BoP — Requires Tribal LW• — Arc — Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates• — H MT — Nexus-Prince Shaffar• TRAVEL THROUGH TIME AND SPACE From the coast of gold, across the seven seas.