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Petrarch (1304

Here is his Sonnet XIII, known for its particular musicality.

10 Best Italian Love Quotes, Poems and Phrases

There is my heart, and she who steals it from me: here you can only see my ghost.

10 Greatest Love Poems Ever Written

Do you need more wisdom? Like Alberto Moravia, Calvino was a journalist as well as an author.

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Let me count the ways.

10 Best Italian Love Quotes, Poems and Phrases

Don't miss Ludovico Ariosto Italian poet is also regarded as the man who came up with the Humanist concept, which stresses the aim of focusing on humans' own strength as opposed to submitting to a Christian God.

Dante Alighieri

All impulses of soul and sense Had thrilled my guileless Genevieve; The music and the doleful tale, The rich and balmy eve; And hopes, and fears that kindle hope, An undistinguishable throng, And gentle wishes long subdued, Subdued and cherished long! — See the mountains kiss high heaven And the waves clasp one another; No sister-flower would be forgiven If it disdained its brother; And the sunlight clasps the earth And the moonbeams kiss the sea: What is all this sweet work worth If thou kiss not me? This 1980-published murder mystery draws in both semiotics the study of communication and various literary tips of the hat such as Arthur Conan Doyle the Franciscan friar's called William of Baskerville and also Arabian Nights the inspiration for the mystery.

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Literally: Common bad, half rejoice.

10 Greatest Love Poems Ever Written

Stars are peeping up to glow Passage of time, added to their flow! Blessed be all those verses I scattered calling out the name of my lady, and the sighs, and the tears, and the passion: and blessed be all the sheets where I acquire fame, and my thoughts, that are only of her, that no one else has part of.

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A Song of a Young Lady to her Ancient Lover by John Wilmot 5.